Diaspora Evaluation and video

Project: Diaspora

Film name: Translation


The video turned out to be a great video, in terms of editing. the emotions playing around changes, from a fun cheery mood to a sad ending. the video does need a lot of improving, it needed to be sound graded, colour graded and also extra clips would have improved the spanish and greek speakers scene, as their scenes sort of drags the video on. the video focuses on migration, but the ending makes it seem to be a full on refugee video. the refugee scene could have been seen as unethical, as it was an acting scene. we should have showed more research and also added a description before the refugee part, telling the audience it was acting. overall the video turned out to be okay, and the huge team of 5 has worked with great synergy, many times members could have performed better , as it felt alot of the work was done at the end, instead of the start, and was heavily rushed, but other than that, the video shows a example of a good synergic team.


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