Diaspora Production



from focusing on refugees, we shifted our video to Migration to represent Diaspora.

diaspora means scattering of a population, and so we thought it might be a good idea, to record people from different ethnic backgrounds to give insights about their journey to the UK. we want them to speak in their native tongue, and blend their clips through editing.

As a group of 5 we have chosen our picked subject for Diaspora topic would be about movement, we as a whole have a meeting of guardians and relative who have all relocated to the UK and the entire arrangement is to demonstrate their existence in London and pose the question on how they came here and what they do and whether their lives have changed.  we will utilize one of our interviewee to act in the film furthermore film scenes around London to demonstrate that this movement is about coming to London and make the video more realistic and focus on their character and their excursion.



Director- Tanvir Ahad
Editor- Tanvir Ahad
Cameraman- Mahfooz/Cindy/Akmol/Layla

Actors- Cindy/ Layla
Interviewee- Layla/Cindy/Rebekah/Elyas/Isabel


Universtity Green Screen room
Various Locations in University of East London
Various Streets

Canon 600D DSLR Camera
Velbon Tripod
3x studio lights


Final Cut Pro


Lighting Links:

lighting techniques, [online], available at: http://www.lavideofilmmaker.com/filmmaking/film-lighting-tips.html (Accessed on 5th December 2015)

lighting techniques through short documentary, [online], available at: http://nofilmschool.com/2013/09/learn-lighting-techniques-through-short-documentary (Accessed on 5th December 2015)

20 lighting tutorials, [online], available at: http://filmmakeriq.com/2011/04/20-lighting-tutorials-for-film-and-video/ (Accessed on 8th December 2015)

lighting techniques for dramatic filming, [online], available at: http://bigleaguefilmschool.com/dramaticfilmlighting/ (Accessed on 8th December 2015)

3 point lighting, [online], available at: http://www.3drender.com/light/3point.html

standard 3 point lighting, [online], available at: http://www.mediacollege.com/lighting/three-point (Accessed on 15th December 2015)


as the director and editor, i told the other five members to go out and record, various shots  relating to the topics, our interviewees are talking about or to represent the culture they are from. i also tried to push them to record shots, that would make the audience think we are in another country, so later on through edit, i could show its actually just london.

we got Layla and Cindy to be recorded inside the university green screen room studio, and brought out keylights. we used two different cameras- one for still shots and the other to show shaky shots- handheld.

I also asked for translations from my other members, so i can add it to the edit. many times it was hard to link the interviewees words to the translation, and so i had to use google translate many times to see if it matches.

I created song through various loops from garageband.



Layla Interview

Lingala Translation


I edited the video in a short space of time. i had to scrap many videos and content, for the video to match the duration limit. as some of the interviewee videos didn’t have any matching videos, i had to shorten the clips. the video didn’t have any colour grading or sound grading. many shots were shaky and so needed to be stabilised. since we used an external mic, i had to also use final cut pro to match the sound recording to the voice. the audio did pick up a little background noise, but was hard to take out.


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