Tribalism Production



We planned on making an ethnographic observational video on the skating subculture that has been created in Stratford centre, we need to interview and record various people there, asking them what got them to skate.


Director- Tanvir Ahad/
Editor- Akmol
Cameraman- Mahfooz/Tanvir

Sound man- Mahfooz
Voice Actor- akmol
Interviewee-  2 skaters
People- various skaters

Stratford Centre
Equipment:Canon 600D DSLR CameraVelbon TripodGO PRO

Canon 600D DSLR CameraVelbon TripodGO PRO

Velbon TripodGO PRO




Final Cut Pro




Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.31.29

participants were required to sign these forms, in order to be recorded, a few gave us permission to record without signing these forms, we took their numbers to reschedule a day we can come to record, many times we had to go to the centre to record new participants, as the previous ones would decide to come another day, but most of the time there were skaters who had come nearly every single day.

We would go to record a few days a week, Me and another group member Mahfooz, would go to record these skaters. i would speak to them and ask permission, then mahfooz would record random shots of the centre. we will then record the participants, a week later we decided we needed an interview, and so recorded two participants.



The video was edited on Final Cut pro 10, and the sound was made through loops from garage band. akmol later edited the video and added his voice to narrate to the audience, giving more insight to the skater culture


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